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Verse 1:
This is our town boy and when we come through
Y'all can keep talking but what you gonna do
I heard you thinking you a bad boy, mount up
They don't stand a chance, we knock 'em out the house bro
We ain't going platinum, we going moon rock
I know you heard of us baby, they call us boombox
AK all day and we dont play
My advice is stay out of harm's way
This is our town, this is our house
This is our place, ain't nobody getting out
Now if you feel me, put 'em up, put 'em up
Verse 2:
Check the street signs, this our home
Phillips Arena, Peachtree, and the Georgia Dome
Turner field, the real deal, and the Chop Shop
And I ain't leavin' this town 'til my heart stops
Diggin' roots in, building sky high
And people throwin' up A's when we ride by
King of the south boy, doing the dirty bird
Watch the Falcons rise up while we doing work
we gon' shake 'em off, ridin' 85
This is the life that we chose, we gon' pay it by
Home of OutKast, we got the Luda king
And the human highlight film to name a few things
Verse 3:
Call this the gauntlet, call it ya crash course
Cuz you gon' need some air bags from the blast force
We can lay the path or even set the standard
And you prolly go missin' in Underground Atlanta
But that ain't our fault, we been warning you
And these towels keep flyin' in from your corner dude
You can find us number one on the rock charts
And sold out on Wall Street when the stocks start
Gotta lot of heart, that's a must now
Can't hold us down, boy we about to bust out
We got them blue socks, to match those suede shoes
Hound dawg, and outlaws in the A dude

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