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Never Be Quite The Same - text

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We gon' go back and forth with the games we play
I'm looking all around 'cuz I know it's changed
And I know (I know)
It'll never be quite the same
We gon' chase the past like we hope it lasts
Life is flying by now way too fast
And I know (I know)
It'll never be quite the same
Verse 1:
It'll never be quite the same the day
That people around will know my name
And everything else will fall in place
Now, oh my god, I've had a taste
Of what it'd be like to rock a crowd
And making my mom and daddy proud
I remember the day I slowed it down
Articulating words pronounced
I'm bending it backwards here
We blowing up out of the atmosphere
Showing you people the passion's real
And now I think my asthma's cleared
I can breathe now
I can dream
I can be anything in the world I wanna be
'Cuz I, I put in the time here
I grinded hard y'all
We putting these cleats on
It's time to play hard ball
I'll never give up
Even when it's all corrupt
Hands to the sky 'cuz you know that we feelin' love
Verse 2 (
Things are changing, montage
People comin' and go, but then they pop like a garage
And it's just life changing, if you know what I've been sayin'
Rappin' with the guitars is just a miracle in the makin'
They say, left and right but I guess I'm going up
No matter what they say, the feelings just not enough
Toss the mic, forget the moment and get past the hype
See, music never dies
It has an afterlife
Look at me, look at me, yea, look at me now
Life is passin' by
I need another round
King of the world
King of the dream
King of my hometown
You got one life to live
You better live it now
Verse 3:
Ok, I'm giving it up for the people that trying to be putting me back on
The map
I'll never give up, they built me to win
I'll prolly just watch the rest collapse
Perhaps we were made to be, greater then the name we heed
Failure ain't an option
We just watch 'em as they blame the greed
As we follow these rappers as they she'd disease
Of over-compensating for something they would die to be
So Ima try to see past the glamour and the fame
'Cuz I don't wanna change I'd rather still remain the same
Stay humble now
Keep your feet grounded
Keep your head high
'Cuz I know we've found it
It ain't mystery why we making history
I only speak the truth
It ain't never been a myth to me

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