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Feeling on my flow now she really wanna go
Tell her that I love her but she knows it ain't so
Her heart starts racing now she's ready to explode
Ima make her mine by the end of the show
Verse 1:
Hook line sinker, got her turn like a blinker
Have her bouncing out her clothes
While I'm jumping out the speaker
Keep it kicking like a sneaker
And she knows I wanna freak her
Baby girl I don't know your name
But I'd really like to meet ya, oh
Let's go on a full speed grind
Keep your two cents
My baby girl's a dime
Fine, mine, and so divine
She got her mouth open while I'm blowing her mind
Got her showing her shine, with her lip gloss on
Melting in my hands while I rip this song
Flip that on, don't get me wrong
Ima hit that shit like all night long
Verse 2:
Jazz it up, shake it out
She got me going crazy when she break it down
That body vibrating when we play it loud
Hat turned back with the A-town down
She's the only one that I see in here
All decked out in the AK gear
I'm like, hey there dear, put your name on here
If the fame ain't clear then the game gon' steer
Pedal to the metal now she's hot as flames
All we really want is some whips and chains
Yo, call her highness, baby's still the finest
Chick that I see even through the blindness
With my guidance she could be timeless
So rewind this, study what I'm finding
She gon' want a label that is prolly gonna bind us
All I gotta say is don't try this, flyness
Bridge/Verse 3:
I watched a butterfly go shutter by
Now she's digging in on this gutter guy
And I wonder why she's hooked on me
Must be the way that I move the beat
Or move my feet, so smoothily
Heart starts pounding, sounding good to me
Groove and sing, just feel the vibe
I'm locked on my red lipped cyanide
Guys have tried, but she shot 'em down
She only looking for that man with the golden crown
She can scan around but she knows I'm down
She can see it in my eyes and the way I sound
You feeling it, I'm feeling it
You killing it, I'm killing it
Lets be real girl
I got you
Feelin' on my flow
I got her
Never let her go
I got her

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