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Stop setting me up, you keep knocking me down
I'm picking myself back off of the ground
Mad at myself 'cuz I keep hanging around
You got this hold on me (hold on me)
Verse 1:
She brought me to life with the love and the care that she had
And showed me the way we were supposed to be
This love wa s fairy tale 'til evertyhing here got hold of me
Started molding me and folding me, I'll never be the shape you need
Stop chasing me and making me be something I'm not made to be 'Cuz I cant be that, I don't got puppet strings
If I was man enough I'd get my ass right up and leave
But I think I'm stuck to you, its a sick disease
And baby girl… keep infecting me
Verse 2:
My sense of direction's affected, can't keep it protected
But I can't keep holding on
Everyday we been fighting and crying, I'm sick of the lying, it's over done
Wish I could cut the ties, these scissors ain't sharp enough
Wish I could break away, I swear to God I'm sick of love
Wish it wasn't you that kept this noose on me
So you should pull it tighter and simply set me free

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