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Ima get 'em like I'm in 'em
Ima over take ya body
Bass been bumpin' in ya bones there, hottie
Spittin' like its venom even overtake the rhythm
Maybe hit 'em if we with em, baby butcher you go and GET 'EM
High speed, high on hi-c I might be
Better than the batch of those, bad boy, you hype b
Fight me, you might be, missing in action
Front page news like a coming attraction
Flashin' and ashing, lubing the game up
Searching for the next, but yo know I just came up
Aim up, shooting lights out like I'm Lebron James
Rim high slamming it home, I be there all game
Ima Go, Ima Go, Ima Go,
Ima Go, Ima Go, Ima Go HAM on these hoes
J Comatose Verse:
I make love, wit the pad and the pen
The ink keep oozing every time I go in
Tap it twice, and she pull me back in
Her cooch like the hooch, every time I'm drownin'
Floating down the Chattahoochee, yeah your boy swagging
Tubing down the river wit' my white girls laughing
Pounding beers wit' my peers is a passion
Been doing it for years, you can call me the captain
A rum runner, peel three shots Captain
The son of the summer, murder raps like a savage
We ain't stopping 'til we gettin' all the cabbage
Cobb County boys just kick it like a habit
Ima Go, Ima Go, Ima Go,
Ima Go, Ima Go, Ima Go HAM on these hoes
When I flippin' it in fast pace
These people here ask me
When you gonna make it to the top of this rat race
And I say. baby I been grindin' on full speed
And fools think this butcher ain't badder bulls beef
Like who me?
I can crush a mountain in one word
Dynamic dynamite booming haters out my 'burb
Yo..I'm coming in like a 5-star general
I don't think you really wanna battle wit this animal
Cannibal, baby eating it up like it warm meal
I'm so chill, I can freeze a label with one deal
Now who…got the ladies in dancing wet pants
Booty bumping, baby got her grinding up on this
Ima Go, Ima Go, Ima Go,
Ima Go, Ima Go, Ima Go HAM on these hoes

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