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Fire in My Head - text


I let you see a side of me
And now there's a fire in my head
Can't calm it down or put it out
I guess it's the way it's supposed to be

Verse 1:
Now I'm a victim of my own incarceration
Treated like a criminal but also like a patient
Can't make it through one evaluation
Without the guidance of a little bad persuasion
Now you opened up a side of me
That no one controls and my mind is free
One side's just filled with hate
And that side's alive and inside of me
So if you're strong enough, let's push it back in me
Suppress all the pain
Otherwise they'll be another casualty


Verse 2:
There's a fire pent in me
And I don't even really want the world to see
How it burns so bright when you around
I try to get up but I get knocked down
How is it possible that you could be just another obstacle
Flipping the switch now I'm off the wall
If life is a game I need an audible
Go silent and drift away
Go find your gift today
That gift of love and hate
And push 'til it feels like your head'll break
Don't make the same mistakes
It's too hot when we touch the flames
It's so sad when the lives are claimed
I should be ashamed that I


This fire in my head,
This fire in my
This fire in my head
This fire in my


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