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Far from a rare occurrence, much more than often
A magnetic attraction to the depths of depression
One last stroll of the main span, face east instead of west
The end of a road never paved with gold, they find their fate below
Build a barrier or the more the merrier
When the push comes to shove
Prevent the fall out of life and love
A fatal grandeur, one step off the chord
For many it’s over before impact in four seconds flat.
The Joy of Life is Lost
Despondency has taken hold
Any changing light is gone
Only darkness is visible
Gateway to self destruction, threshold to the void beyond
The winds play requiems with gates of a setting sun
Harps and wings are broken, nose dive from the heavens
Those who choose to fly one time - Don't make it to Angel Island
Temporary problem
Find yourself and leave
Permanent solution
Find yourself and jump
Problems weigh more than the world
One last beat of a heart so cold
Permanent solution
Lose yourself and jump to conclusion
Such a false but pleasing romanticism
The only promise is it will end shrouded
With A Veil
A stunning symbol of ingenuity, or mute monument of misery

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Wings of Deliverance


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