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Regicide - text


"...While king Henry III of France was preparing to attack Paris, on august 1st, 1589
A Dominican monk asked for access to the king because of secret documents he owns
While whispering into his ear, the monk plunged a knife into the king's body
The guards killed the monk, but the people praised the assassination as the judgement of god"

Way down, but you pushed me too many times
Lay down, because of you I feel I'm dead inside
Way down, so you killed me one too many times
Lay down, because of you now I will rise, yes now I will rise...

Way down, you pushed me too many times
Lay down, because of you I'm dead inside
Crucified but the world keeps turning, you won't let me go
Raise the flag and kill me stunning, you reap what you sow

Give me everything you can't hide
I can see through your eyes
To the center of your weird mind... All the anger is inside

On the morning after the king has lost his crown
Only tears and laughter come together now
When my senses fail us, I'll fade without a sound
When I see you fail, I'll break in to break you down

Lay down, I'm sick of waiting for the start
Pray now, my hate courts now your lonely heart
Try to teach myself forever compassion for my life
Time has come to make a difference, now my blood will rise

To the nightfall of my kingdom
Angels cry while we sleep
A king reborn, a prophecy forlorn was once buried deep

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