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Red Flag - text


"...Ching Shih (1775-1844) was the most successful and feared pirate lord in all of history
With her fleet, the red flags, she terrorized the Chinese seas, and remained unbeatable
until she died of old age - undefeated..."

From this day, you will follow her every will
From her rule you cannot flee
Fiercest lord you will ever see - she won't stand still
From this day, you will call me your private god
Prove yourself, don't disobey
Fear me now until your last day - I'm your lord

Fire! - Nothing's gonna stop her

Red flags fly on the sea - give up surrender, 'cause you can't flee
She's the force you won't see, but you'll feel
In silence you will hear - one you now fear all across the sea
She's the reason you'll fall - hear her call

In this life, you will question no word she speaks
In her eyes you cannot be
Stronger, sharper than she can be - you can't fool me
We will see how you prove yourself under me
Fail and you're food for the sea
Come obey in this brave red fleet - your lord is Shih (She)

Text přidal Geralt

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