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Guilty as Charged - text


21 years gone, getting hard to stay strong
Took away his dignity, should he wait so long?

Banished in this endless darkness
Evil holding the chains
Body's screaming mind is aching
Freedom runs through his veins
You can't kill him
Guilty, guilty as charged

Locked inside a rusty cage, took away his legacy
Taken by the military, in a war they wage

You know they'll never let him go, you gotta let him go
You know they'll never let him go, so come and tell me now

Are you so deaf you can't hear him scream at night
The world is waiting for his freedom
Are you so blind, that the truth is in the fight?
What did he do to make him
Guilty, guilty as charged

He'll never get out, get out alive
But he's gotta survive
Never losing, the pain in his head
He might as well be dead

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