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You Take My Hand - text

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Find you the Intentions
Behind Eyes Temptations
Who is Getting the Keys to decide?
You try the reasons
To Find all solutions
But you cannot seem to describe
How Freeze is Into your heart?
An Empty Field to Remind
A Thousand Mistakes and Thoughts may clean up on your face
Run then leave you take my hand
To Understand
Believe In What I Say
You'll Understand
Cry out your sensations
The True of Revelations
You're lost in the middle of time
You're drifting in your dream
The Clues Like a Sinner
Snake searching victims at night
You have been searching yourself for so long
Then leave you to take my hand
To understand
Believe in what I say
To understand

Text přidal mythragon

Videa přidali mythragon, Efai

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You Take My Hand [DEMO]


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