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Age of Aquarius - text

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Walking through the night
I see you away
Lady of the waters I'm here
A woman in the stars
Praises a new age
Drawing signs on the moon
And for 2000 years
A new time awaits
Glory, harmony and truth
On Pieces only cries
In crete Zeus acclaimed
The Dawning of the Aquarius!!!
Ganymede was the son of Tros
Phrygian youth, the king of Troy
The symbol of the Aquarius constellation
While tending to his father's flocks
On the mount Ida
Was spotted by Jupiter deity
God's lightning bolt
New Times have come
Bring light to your soul
The Son of God
We gotta change
Now is time to change
You are the leader to your dreams
- Enlightenment -
Now is time to change
You got to free your mind and keep your spirit strong
According to the prophets warning
There's an age of shadows coming
The displeasure of God
In Premonitions
Around us, swords, arrows and lances,
Weapons of all kinds to tame us
But we're willing to win
New resistance
New times have come
Bring light to your soul
The Son of God

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