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Spiritual Battle - text


We are just guardians of time´s memories , only a vapor that fades.
Time calls us. Our hearts know the purpose by which we were chosen.

Soldiers of the Almighty Lord, we´ll see the sunrise and the glory of God.
Do the best under the Lord's command that´s above death and life.

Spiritual Battle! Don´t be afraid and Fight!
Spiritual Battle. The Victory is coming for you.

Perseverance and the faith overflow the soul.
They fortify the spirit.
The morning invites us to contemplate the endless extent of the skies.

The Sun lights the noble sky of the victory.
The threshold of a new day.

Renowned is the Lord of the Armies.
Don´t clamor his name in vain.
Choruses are intoned.
Choruses for the triumphal march.

Renowned is the Lord of the Angel Armies.
Don´t clamor his name in vain.
To the Almighty God.
Ao Todo Poderoso Deus.
Songs of praise for the triumphal march.
Cânticos de exaltação pela marcha triunfal.

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