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The greater minds of ancient times
Imhotep to Democritus
seek to find and bring to light
the reasons we exist.
Theorize, substantialize
Polymaths by definition
delve into a brave new world
of physics and atomism

All hail knowledge
All hail science.

The greater minds of reforming times
Galileo to Descartes
move away from older ways
during this restart
Philosophize, actualize
school of thought revision
expand the understanding of
the mind and all it's mechanisms

All hail knowledge
All hail science.

Observe, question, research
Hypothesis, experiment, analysis

To observe and question
the workings of the world
research uncovers, the edge unfurls
hypothesis, prediction
of the answer and its flaws
presenting information
and factoring the odds

To test in repetition
To make absolutely sure
Experiment, experience
for certainty of the definite answer
Analysis verify the idea posed
Researched and unveiled to the waking world

The great minds of modern times
Carl Sagan to Bill Nye
Dedicate their life, aspire
to opening our eyes
Emphasize, globalize
accepting information
Plotting out our futures
and solving our creation.

All hail knowledge
All hail science.
All hail knowledge
All hail science.

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