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The Voice of Light - text

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Stand up - Wake up my friends - Now
I will stand strong to survive
I will leave this place alive
Nobody can stop us if what we do is right
We will leave this place alive
I hear all these voices, whispering in my head
But the only one I'll listen to is the voice of light
Lost in the middle of thieves and liars
Don't predict a storm, when the winds don't blow
I will never sell my soul to your system
Just give me a reason to tear you apart*2
I will be the voice of light until the blood flows in my throat
I've been screaming all nights by myself but I know you are listening to me
It's us against this fucking world
Everything is about money
Everything has a number
But our freedom is not for sale
I try to find a different way
For me -- For us
If you can hear me
My voice is freedom
We won't back down*4
I will be the voice of light

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