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Peals of thunder in the heavenly arch
Prophesy freedom to the prisoners of the dark.
That madness that was locked up in me
Is now reviving on the deathbed, it's free.
A path through skulls of all damned hopes
Rebellious shadows, fears, heavy dopes.
My last breath and a line of agonies …
The Light of my soul has forsaken me.
These wars are impossible…
And sunsets are so disturbing.
It's difficult to rise again,
And say goodbye to life again…
That pain of defeats is running low, hit thebottom,
What's done is done, it will not return.
Those slick strings will go through mymemories,
And new torments will come from the past.
I saw the angels struggle in chains,
At a peak of the falling, were broken to ashes.
I must help them, but can't find any strength,
Insurrection against Hell is always in vain…

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Burying the Past

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