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I’m a child born from darkness of fate,
With pain of love comes surrounding hate,
Deep inside I hear the demons' voices,
If I can understand them – then I'm damned.
I have come to clean you up from dirt,
I'll change your way in flames and give real support,
Only I’m afraid my scream can't stop you,
It's becoming so cold here, what I feel – I am dead!
I’ll take you far away to another land,
To undying feelings of human, have no fear…!
When I will be reborn into myself,
My demons will be closer to you,
Don't you understand what I said? – stay with me,
If you don’t – I’m lost, disappeared…
I’m a child, but only born again,
All this life was spell by blood and rain,
Downfall will come here soon, I know,
If I can’t understand it – my dark will grow!
Need the end of story, I feel a change,
Wanna save your soul, but mine is on the edge,
Every time I’m gonna see your face,
Mind eclipse, razor blade and my shadow is faded!…

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