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Never Surrender - text


Monuments may crumble
And nations turn to dust
The wheels of worlds may tumble
Or grind until they rust
And millions may surrender
And bend beneath their fear
But flames of our resistance
Are just waiting for some air

Pressure and time
are all it takes
To blow the mine

We're So far down
We're So far gone
We're so far out
But you'll never take us
But you'll never take us

So play the card of violence
Play the card of fear
And when your hand is empty
We will still be here

And whether we have weapons
Or whether we have none
We'll rise up and defy you
Until this battle's won

This wall can't hold back a river
You can't you won't seal every crack
One brake one fault will lead to another
One chance is all we need

Oh oh oh

This wall can't hold back a river
You push you're holding fast
You can't keep fighting forever
One chance is all we need

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Video přidala DoubleBread

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