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A Thalidomide Child - text

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Born, malformed
A freak, unnatural spawn
One, pill, the internal war is pacified
Quiets the mind, you’ll find the pain subsides
But you’re killing what resides inside
Hey you, thalidomide kid
Tell us again about the past lives you’ve lived
We’re all freaks, you’ve got nothing to prove
In the zoo, we’re here to see you
Telling tales of ruling before
I was greatness, I fought for the lord
A body borrowed to end all we know
Yet now condemned to the freak show
A kink in clotho’s final thread
Apocalypse unravelling from this frayed end
The last life, the truest turn, at her will this world will burn
The strongest soul, of them all, to reign supreme and kill them all
These fires, you ignite
Upon the creatures of the night
We’re here, to see you
All the freaks, they will go
To see the klotho show
Where there’s chaos all around
Getting trampled by the crowd
We’re here, to see you
Every voice is screaming loud
And we’re deafened by the sound
See red, killing view
They can’t forgive
The things you did
Last chance to live
Thalidomide kid
A mortal shell for this soul to dwell
Strapped into this walking cell
Sentenced to prosthetic hell
A vessel to assimilate
Now this world will meet its fate

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