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Through Painful Lanes - text

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Here I'm standing tall
Staring the void of a pure horizon
Trying to bring back to life
Some small fragments of time coming from the past
Awake in the blessed hour
When nocturnal bells clast together
Their toll, in the silence, seems to
Dig cosmic tombs
Through painful lanes I wonder
Through blaze of anger I'm growing
I've seen - the kingdom has burnt
And the empire's fallen
I've seen Satan dancing with the
Mask of god
The pure angel's smile at the
Hangman's scaffold
Now the end is near...
Where's my home?
I'm alone in a world sized desert
Where's my home?
Every step in this life seems to lead
To darkness
Am I able to guess the true
Meaning of it all?
Am able to live
After all the tears I cried?
I've seen ...
Still the blade's stained with
Innocent blood...
Oh lord please, tell me about the
Final aim
Hear my cries, could I have the
Force to tell
And testify to the growing terror
Of this overwhelming void?
Am I able...

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Through Painful Lanes


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