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The Beast Within - text

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Did I care well of my soul
In my empty hours?
Did I really do my best
To spread the word divine?
I have reached a crossroad
I've tasted the sin of man
And I have a question now
Who's the master I am serving?
Knelt down, hands joined
Staring at the top of the cross
I let you down - hope is lost
Don't want glory anymore
What could I give more?
I torn your grace apart...
I met, at the crossroad
The enemy within
Then he marked my heart and faith
With his burning tongue of fire
Knelt down...
Deep in my heart, there's a place
No one knew about
In which faith and devotion
Were burning to the point
Love was consumed... Love was consumed
I had come to hate those sinners
And the twisted face behind them
I had awakened the beast
The beast within!
Knelt down...

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