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Every night feels like there's a desert
In my heart and in my soul
I am lost when someone finds me
I think of me and my space
Only when I see you I breathe
I don't believe anymore
That love is to want someone
I fear if I had you, I would break your heart
I see her smile and wonder if I can
Enter the world one sunny day
If she'd only help me loving me
Giving me what I always refuse...
But I know it's only dreaming
I can't take her life in my hand
Right now I'm the one who knows about us
Let me show you the way I feel
Now I've got time for the restless show
Don't tell me reason for I should be crying
Don't wanna hear 'bout one more goodbye
We'll meet in the middle of eternity...
It's easier loving you not having you
But now this is getting hard
I wish you were here...In my arms
While I go on with my restless show!
I see her smile...
Now I've got time...
Restless show
No more goodbyes
No more goodbyes

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