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As I was on my way
Things were turning into grey
Clouds slowly filling up the skies
For me the light was gone
And the curtain was torn
Unveiling the worldwide festival
Born in these times of confusion
I wonder is there still a truth I could fight for?
No future anymore
History has ended
Enter the carnival!
Come, dance in our party world!
Then you will find tragedy exiled at last
Things have changed, now...
Look the herd, they wish the best
"No more wars and anger!"
Look those smiles, void made flesh
I'm a wolf among the lambs
Born in these times of confusion
I know them, their "Peace" is another trap
No future anymore
Tragedy's still on the prowl
But they are blind...
Born in these times of confusion
I will find a bad cause I could proudly die for!
No future anymore...
Dance on ashes and dust
And don't forget there is no escape to the evil

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