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Carry On (feat. Ganz & Johnny Nelson) - text


Carry on
Carry on

Carry on
Carry on
Puffin' on the heavy metal
That's loud that's grass
Keep me trippy like an echo
Guzzling prosecco
Painting pictures like I'm greco
It ain't hard for me to let go
I'm reminded imma rebel
Last of a dying breed
It's hard for me to settle
Who radder than?
You half a man
No vacation
But gods near, beyond fear
I bestow up you
The god's here

I got you
I got you
I got you like mugatu
'Cause you been acting different
Got me tripping like untied shoes
That's not how I move
See Johnny's cool
As the fridge is
Ya ridiculous and ignorant
Try to act all innocent
Before you got the timberland
That's the boot mami
'Cause you grimy
And you tight
Ain't no noose on me
I'm living mine
You hear them rooting for me

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Video přidala Ivana420

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