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Keep spacing out at work
When I think of you
I try to read a book
But you're in there to

And here you are again
You invade my dreams
One though of you and boy
It's too hot too sleep
I can't deny it
I know you're what I need


I always
Come back to where you are
So weak it's tragic
You pull me like a magnet
I try to run
But don't get far
I gotta have it
Your love is like a magnet
For my heart

Powerless to resist your charm
So weak it's tragic
You pull me like a magnet
No static, full electric charge
It's automatic
Your love is like a magnet for my heart

Well here you are again
And I'm closer still
Try to be independent
You break my will
I'm addicted to you
I need my fill

If you go away
I'll go there too
I just can't escape
I'm stuck on you
Coming back again
Like deja vu

Your love, your love
It's like a magnet
Your touch, your touch
I gotta have it
Cause opposites are so attractive
Come on, come on
Let's make some magic

And when I fall asleep you're in my dreams
I wanna meltdown with you just like ice-scream
Talk about the way that we're meant to be

Text přidala Kristka

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