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Love you loud - text

My life was like a dessert
Always so empty and dry
Your love is like a treasure
Throwing me a lifeline

And I say hey, yeah
I won't let this feeling ever stop
Hey, yeah
You're gonna hear it from the mountain tops


I'm gonna love you loud
Scream and shout
Till everybody knows
Gotta let it show
I'm gonna love you loud
Say it proud
You're my miracle

I'm gonna love you loud
Secret's out
I'm dancing in the street
All the world can see
I'm gonna love you loud
Break it down
Raise my hands and say
Time to celebrate

Hapiness was like a stranger
Never saw it around here
Now it's lifting me to heaven
And baby I can see clear

And I say hey, yeah
I wished on every star in sight
Hey, yeah
And you answered all my prayers tonight

Text přidala Kristka

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