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I need you - text


Oh, baby, yes I'm sorry
Oh, that's no way to say ''goodbye''.
Oh, baby, oh don't worry,
I believe I am too young to die
Oh, if leaving me is easy,
I'm the biggest fool of all
Oh, if leaving me is easy,
Oh, I'm lost behind the wall
Wht does a man has to be strong,
if he needs your calm?

Girl, I need you
Just in my heart
More than words can say
Girl, I miss you,
right from the start
Since you went away
If you leave me -
you'll take my breath away

Oh, baby, oh we're walking
Together through the lonely night.
Oh, baby, oh we're talking,
you can run, but you can't hide.
If you find another love,
Things ain't what they used to be.
If you find another love
I'm leaving with a memory.
Why does a man has to be strong,
if you set him free.

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