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The Worst Part (feat. Paulina Blaesild) - text

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Take all that you see, the all that is me
And remember the reason to why we used to be
We don’t need to be close, we don’t need to be known
I remember the feeling, we both used to be alone
And until this day, you tell me it’s fine
And I’ll tell you
The worst part about you, is that you’re no longer mine
When I see you today, I know that it’s true
The shadow around us, the things I did to you
And the first time we kissed, you were whiter than snow
But you showed me a side of myself, that I didn’t know
So I ran away, and thought I’d be free
And I’ll tell you
The worst part about you is all you learned from me
The years ran away, you learned not to cry
And it’s been so long, now I’m not even gonna try
You still give me your time, and I give you mine
Now my favorite mistake is when we cross the line
But I know that it’s lost, for the boy you still see
And I’ll tell you
The worst part about you, is that you’re done with me
And until this day, you’re still in my mind
You’re mistaken to think that I, would leave you behind
So you told me to sing, of the worst part I see
And the worst part about you is somewhere inside of me

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