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Rushing through - torn in two
Then it gets me - Where am I
My Beloved you have left me
Now how will I stay Alive

All and All - I Believe
In my Providence - and my Being
But I opened - up my wound
Now my Force - depends on You
Silent Kisses on my neck
Through the Veils You have Come
Burning up my last defence
As We Merge into One
In the Fire of Your Eyes
Shining Vapour I Become
Hold me closer as I Rise
We Dissolve into One

I Hear your Voice - I hear You Call me
Through the Ether - Through my storm
There is nothing left to hold me
All I fall - Into my Soul

Gracefully I fall
With no Promise of where I'm caught
Wondrous Mother, be my Guide
In my Truth and my Life

Silent Kisses...

Life is yours through my eyes
Hope is not who I Am
A million forms it takes, your disguise
Let me not be fooled again
Not again... Oh no, Oh no, Oh no!

Silent Kisses...

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