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Under the gun - text


ee the man ridin high in the desert near the Rio Grande
Runs for his life, doesnt sleep, doesnt take time to understand
Cause the girl that he loved went away and ran off with another man
But he followed them both and he shot at the throat, couldnt stop his hand.
So now hes under the gun.

He was born and raised and he lived like the son of an honest man
And who wouldve thought that one day he might gun down another man
But his heart gave away to the gun in his hand
Couldnt stop it, No
So now hes gotta run, and he weak from the sun got nowhere to go.

Because hes under the gun, under the gun
Just a fugitive, out on the run
Under the gun, under the gun
Never see, the setting sun
Hes under the gun.

Well now hes on the run, cause hes under causae gun
Got nowhere to go
Well now pray for him sister, watch out for him mister
Hell let you know
Thats hes under the gun, under the gun
Just a fugitive, out on the run, under then gun
Under the gun
Never see the setting sun
Hes under causae gun
(under the gun...till fade.)

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