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Ball and chain - text


How many nights, how many days do I wait here for you
Have you long forgotten all the things wed said
And how many times must I let the phone ring, just to get you
Could it be that now this love has long gone dead

No oh No - Thought it hasnt been so long
No oh No - Im sure youre feelins gone and then

Love, Love feels like a ball and chain
What a fool Ive been to fall in love again
Love, Love when will it ever end
I dont think that I can ever love again

Well how many nights, have I stayed by the phone just to hear from you and
Could it be that I just wanna hear you say
That all of this time youd been thinkin alone
Wonderin what to do
And that I love you is all you wanna say

Text přidala Maribel

Video přidala Maribel

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