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The Philosophy of Hatred - text

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How long do you pretend to deny
that your facts are revealing your falseness?
Are you still demanding reminders
with that freaking sign of your madness?
This pain has lasted too long.
No lies, no more.
Another disgrace in the wall.
No fear, no more.
Watch my eyes, I'll throw you off.
Here we both stand,
to apply the sense:
the more I fell,
the less you cared.
Don't you take revenge,
I will do the same,
but first let me say
that every sin you pray
will lead my way to win.
As far as you pretend to acclaim
all that fucking stuff of your prowess,
I will deploy my own resources
and strike you again with these verses.
This pain is lasting for too long.
No deals, no more.
Grim Reaper at the Gates of Dawn.
No way, no more.
Your sickness tried to pull me off.
Here we both stand,
to apply the sense:
the more we fell,
the less you cared.
Your cards lie there,
you are not the same.
As I told you then:
every sin you pray
leads my way to win.
This is not the way it should be...
It was not meant the way it has been...
Not again...
Here we both stand,
to apply the sense:
the more you failed,
the less I'll care.
You chose the rage,
the cynism I did,
you've confirmed my saying:
Every sin you prayed
led my way to win.

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