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Why are you still lying there?
Don't you know you've only
known to stare,
not to defend yourself?
Do you think you deserve
to be left in the ground,
no-one around
while you fade again?
I tried and failed.
Now I see,
I realize I've been
hit behind, I hear the cries
Now I see,
I remember all
those faces laughing
right at me, now see.
I simply should confess
the feeling of distress.
Throw the void
off the coil.
Dreamless nights
I tried to find
the voices' sound
of what I've found.
I lack of the strength to don't
let myself feel this.
Don't you feel this?
The fear comes across myself,
the pressure led me right into the mess.
The fear subdues my whole sense,
the pressure keeps striking 'til the edge.
And I still wonder.
Why am I lying there...?
Do I think I deserve...?

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