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See? It's just a lie,
like many ones you've told me.
Just pretending again.
Even if you think I am
unaware of your foolishness,
I've you sussed so far that
there's nought of my blind kindness.
I won't try to hear your words again.
I don't have to wear your feebleness.
Sweet resentment coming,
silver water flowing.
Even you stand on my way,
I'm not the one fooling around.
You deceived me that morning of May,
people lie, eyes run aground.
I won't try to feed your own disdain.
I don't need to carve unwillingness.
And you don't care,
the lies can glare.
And pain does flare,
you'll lose this dare.
See? I'm lying again.
So you still pretend,
but now from the dead end.
Look the eyes of deception.

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