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As pressure raises,
our burden grows. No,
needn't to find excuses
Like deep oceans
used to swallow me ago,
my breath decreases
as this pulls me out.
So here it comes ahead, sun rays are fading.
The chills strike my sense, closing into myself.
Shouldn't have happened again, choice is already made.
Disturbing noise is heard.
Restrain my haze,
release the strain.
The glaze detains
my run from the insane.
Just before I drown
in the orange sky above.
I tried to help, but...
As system fails,
our firmness falls. For sure,
blame shed a tear but
the cause is unknown.
Like flat notions
flowing through the mind below,
my voice fades
as the frame blurs.
I couldn't help that...
This woe is hurting very inside,
seems I'm a victim of my mind.
Impotent, staring at your sight,
feeling the grief passing by
on us.
Aren't you aware of that...?

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