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A Paradigm of Reality: IV. Bargaining - text

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Okey doctor, please could you tell me
is there anything I can do
to accelerate my own healing
to get rid of the trouble soon?
For some reason the doctor can't hear my voice,
she's still acting as if I'm not listening,
the dismal scene leaves me without a choice,
makes me wonder if I'm not here any longer... am I still there?
Your chain of ideas is caused
by online misinformation.
Coping with this
isn't part of a negotiation.
A victim mentality
worsens mental laceration.
Eventually strengthening
your revoked apprehension.
Wanna bargain!
'cause the fear comes across myself,
and the pressure's leading me down into the mess.
This fear's subduing my whole sense,
and the pressure keeps striking 'til the edge.
A voice in the head
speaking to me.
all of my common sense.
Try to take it out,
don't need to hear
the things you shout,
the words I fear.

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