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A Paradigm of Reality: II. Denial - text

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At last my senses reappear,
and now the room becomes all clear.
Still feel a bit slow.
I can see a doctor talking on,
she's convinced that there's something wrong.
No, she's wrong...
And I'm getting out, I'm getting out of this place.
Why can't you see?
I disagree.
So I'm getting out, I'm getting out of this place.
Can't you hear me?
You've got the key
to take me out.
And she's still saying that I am sick,
what will that bitch know about me?
Never even had a cold.
I don't have the disease she claims I do.
Would like to see you curing me through.
Try if you dare...
I'm getting out, I'm getting out of this place.
I know I'm fine.
I'm getting out, I'm getting out of this place.
I won't resign.
And now she's looking for the vein,
she's decided to do me the test.
The needle is well sharp.
Pain in my head.
A chilled sensation by negation deliberate.
There's a kind of metallic taste inside.
what has this quack done...?
Done to me, my arm's bleeding. For what? I think...
I'm getting out, getting out of this place.
Now you will see,
what cannot be.
So I'm just getting out, getting off the room.
Show the result,
you seem exult.
Don't tell me that...
The results confirm with an emphatic yes.
I denied and denied but I was proved wrong.
I denied and denied for my own lifelong.
Waved all the day to make my way.
Waved and strayed to avoid the lone dirty
truth inside.
Flayed my skin before the pain.
Afraid of being exposed to the dirty
truth inside.

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