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Staying Conscious - text


When the first single cells
Felt the first rays of light
Carbon beings in process. Leading to life
That we have today.
A billion years later, technology springs,
Exploding progress pushes is forward,
But exploding progress is tearing us down.

What is fiction is fact,
There is no blame for conditioning,
Reality's created by ourselves,
We're to blame for our problems.

Cells of our shells, merge with the earth.
Becoming seperatly involved, composting,
Transgresing, in order to embrace
Life and death, we must eliminate
The boundries that lie between the
Physical and the spiritual.

Symbiosis a two way process,
People read their lives and then
Create their psychosis.
Staying consious requires effort,
Evolution re-awakes the primal subconsious.

Aware - Awake - Alert
Know or felt by ones inner being.

Flow and slower
Observer and observed,
A wave, invinite ocean
Life and death in cyclic motion.

You are a human being
You have an ego and mind
It's a useful part of you
But it's not you

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