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A last goodbye and I'm ready to leave
How I've waited for this day to come
See the sun again
Resplendent in the sky
The power hidden in one human soul
Became our angel from above
Broke the spell
That kept the monsters
From the light
Millenniums of the dark
We suffered now are gone
Now the light has come
We're standing at the edge
The rise of a new dawn
Voices from the underground
Can you hear the sound of our souls
As we awake from the night
Jubilant and glorious
Each and every one of us
Breaking through
And back to the light
The seal of the monsters
Is shattered
And silence remains
A bright new future
Lies ahead of us all
Will you come and
Lead us on our way
Through the golden age
Of peace that's now begun
Now there's a whole
New world to explore
No dire memory can take away
All the light
And the sound
And the life
That we live in the sun
Determination kept a hold on you
It lives within your soul
And led the monsters to the sun
Voices from the underground...
Centuries' shadows fade away
The sun greets the end
Of the age of darkness
The seal of the monsters
Is shattered
We're finally home
From the moment we rise
Till the end of all time
We all welcome the golden light of day
Nothing stands in the way
Of our hopes and our dreams
Voices from the underground...
Centuries' shadows fade away...

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