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I couldn't say
What I was truly feeling
Just knew I'd always been so
Helpless and wrong in my form
By chance I found her
And she showed me wonders
She worked her miracles
And from metal and magic
My life was reborn
Without shame
Without blame
Without apologies
To those who say
I can't be who I am
Her genius brings to life
What once was a dream
A perfect harmony
Of man and machine
To come alive inside
The body I desire
A shining star
To be eternally admired
Now beyond my wildest dreams
I'm shining
Want all the underground
To see me, a star in their eyes
Give the people what they want
I'll dazzle with my shine
I'll light their darkened spirits
Raise them high
Without shame...
Her genius brings to life...
Shining in the sun
The greatest spotlight of them all
The surface waits for me
I'll captivate them without war
I only need this human soul
To break out on my own
My dreams can't wait for anyone
Her genius brings to life...
From ghosts I rise
Becoming man and machine
To come alive inside...
Her genius brings to life...

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