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The Weather Is Worse Than Before - text

The weather is worst than before as if you couldn't tell yet.
How's it feel underneath ?
Pass the time maybe it will be forgotten.
Look at me I'm a thief ?
I'm a thief.

(Carry me)

Pulling me !
You're pulling me from sleeping on the pavement.
Surround myself with blood and take a bow !

(Some place far)

The junction needs conducting ! Found you scraping razors to your face like "why would we bother !?"

Lock the door sinking in the plans are underneath !

Since we knew to pick up we could walk.

And Stella is out again stiffly dancing away from the back of her head.
Keeping honest but not saying much about how death ate away at her stomach.
Holds a fear, I am here. I am here.
Don't put the nail to the cough man !
Just leave a rose at our door.
I am here
I am here.

I'll hold back ! Yes ! I'll hold back the sun !
Pack your bags and tell them all to run !
Full disaster when we try to chase the day away !
I'll hold back ! Yes ! I'll hold back the sun...
Empire State but don't tell anyone !
I'll chase after ! The feelings never gone !

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