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Shot Down The Moon - text

To a bucket exploding.
Chasing us for our lives.
Create a script to be anything could be everything but means nothing.

Because man shot down the moon. steady arms take a vow to be heading out soon.
Making maps out of targets.
To be or not consumed yet you're stuck in your room, swear there's nothing to do.

We function up our ties.

After all what's been unsolved is now the surface of streets.

Give me reason to fight the storm.
There's no reason for falling under.

And as if every word weren't worth repeating.
How often do you....

Lay your heart out, love has left you blind.
When it's all on the line.
Well just what takes up your time huh ?
Monastery for the path I'm creating.
And will your life decline ? Or keep quiet and diy ?

So Enter Captain ! Be terrainian
We'll function our ties.

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