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Pt. II (Before It Shines) - text

String along and I'll be your tape deck plays a tune in your head reservation trip to hide the explosion.
So you went out of your way and rolled a gamble.
Now it's the reason we say fill me a sense of satisfaction.
Kill me I'll keep on breathing through this song.
At the cinema ! Chemical killer ! Sergically restored.
Castle barrier met the fist of Charlie Snow !
Stay up to carry the daze
Too week barring to win
Chris stole Christy Anne candy from Big bird and Rusty Jones.
Too cool to sleep on her own
Prestige a sick color
Alive some anthems tell us what is going on !
And the river has been holding on
It gets foggy in the fall
I'll be the first to admit that I'm a mess now
Heard you'd be coming around and around and around

Text přidal roman59

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