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Pt. I (The Sun Is Gone) - text

At what moment of time did sharp cutting motion allow decline access to the capillary (a citrus in a cemetery).
A sterile performance presented by Iron Knee.
Stamp out ticket admits that you have kept no room for reaction eyes glued to attraction.
Screams "off with her head !"

Self reserved a drink.
Tries to make a connection.
She's kept her feet crossed.
You're stuck on an end.

Oh what has happened to me ? Well I'm just happy to be.
What has gotten in me.
Would have you grinding your teeth.

Maybe I'll crawl right through your walls.
Maybe I'll come up through your floor.
Do silent treats chase anxiety leaving vacancy.
If it fills you cut me up I am numb.
I fill the gap between our atmospheres.
I've seen the common goal of man.
That stare from above.
I steer the ocean clear of chemicals
I'll be riding my whip and wipe the dirt right off your hands.

At a carnival laying skeletal bones across the lake.
Don't forget where you came from or place your heart on stone.
The contents to your table still need to be shown.

(Awkward distant yells) (for emotional effect)

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