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Tonight - text

What have I just done would you tell me
And lay me down in a summer field
'Cause there is now just one too many
Looks going through my broken shield

I don't need no icy river for me to skate
And I don't belong in a California state

I'm lost for words, all right
I don't feel like singing much tonight

If she'll be going home I don't blame her
'Cause she might end up killing me
I pushed her and now I can't save her
And now I can't save her
I didn't do it willingly

I don't feel like lying down in my own bed
And I don't need no help to translate what she said

Just take a left, all right, I got no place to go tonight
Throw it all over me and let me stand at the corner of pride
But don't you say I lied
'Cause I did exactly what I had to and nothing more
And I won't try to open if you lock your door
I won't try to open if you lock your door

Through the smoke and all the fires
I can see the bluebells grow
Far beyond the breaks and the wires
Far beyond the dying snow

And I see myself just fishing in a lake
With no screams above how everything's at stake

Yeah I'll be fine, all right
But that's not helping too much tonight

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