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The Ace of Swords - text


The song starts off with a harpsichord solo playing the following chords: Dm C Bb Gm7 Am7 Dm. When it repeats, a string ensemble is added.

Then, the harpsichord/strings play Bb C Dm A7 while an oboe plays a solo. It then goes back to the first part, but ends on Dsus4 and finally on D.

Unlike most other songs on the album, Alan Parsons plays the harpsichord here.

A Clavinet starts here and is accompanied with some timpani drums the first time. The second time, strings, bass, drums, etc. are also added.

This entire sequence repeats a second time, but with a brass section added. This part ends on an A7 and goes into the next part.

This part is a harpsichord/piano/strings solo, playing some very interesting chords such as Bb#5 and Fsus4/G. What’s also interesting is that the time signature changes to 5/4.

It then alternates between Cm7 and Gsus2 chords. It finally ends on a Gsus4 into the outro.

Here, the bass and piano play simple low G notes. Then the harpsichord plays Dm C Bb, all of them on G.

The song ends on a Cm7, Bm7, and Am7, all on A before segueing into “Nothing Left to Lose”.

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