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The Devil Went Down to Ibiza - text


Comedown kings and downtown queens
Are holed-up in Space scared on Ketamine dreams
'cos Stagger Lee was packing a pistol in his jeans
The night the Devil went down to Ibiza
'Cos Johnny Too Bad and that Two-step Crew
Got in a beef about some Betty they'd heard been bustin' loose
Hanging out in some trance DJ’s condominium
The night the Devil went down to Ibiza


You better rush, rush, rush
'Til the sun comes up
It's gonna be bling, bling, bling
Then a hush, hush, hush
Text message your momma
Say you ain't coming home
Tell her the Devil’s gonna DJ down in San Antonio

'Cos Johnny Too Bad got in his Jibaru jeep
Said to Eazy E, ‘Man, we got no time to sleep’
From the powder to the pipe in less than a week
The night the Devil went down to Ibiza.
He had too many parties, he had too many pills
Daddy’s yacht in the harbour
Mommy paid all the bills
He had no idea what hit him until
The Devil went down to Ibiza

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