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When I get burned out so bad in Brixton
That I just could not remember my name
You took a lease on some basement down on Josephine Avenue
'til I got better and you forgot how much I changed
I got healed in the heart of the city
Bad medicine was good enough
Still you bleed through my veins like an express train
You're the one hit I never could give up

'Cos you said to me


When you're falling apart again
Nobody to pick up the pieces
I'll turn on the lights and hold your hand tight
And together, yeah, we’ll keep on reaching

We were holed-up and cold in the rockhouse
Plastic gangsters, sweet blessed company
I was talking Jackson Pollocks, walking Tony Soprano
You said, ‘Baby, it's time to leave’
But I left alone, stumbling stoned into the sunrise
Looking left and right for all the wrong connections
Baby, hit me one more time, you can hit me one more time
'cos I know you’ll never let me go under


So wherever I am for the winter,
Your summer smile will keep me warm.
Autumn leaves falling, baby,
I'll keep walking till the springtime flowers bloom.

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Power in the Blood

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