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Of Course I'm Alright - text


Why do you ask
Of course I'm alright
I guess I wasn't thinking
I'd run into you tonight
Do I seem surprised
I guess you caught me off guard
Yes I'm really doing fine
No it hasn't been that hard

How 'bout you
Getting on with your life
There's so much to tell you
That I won't even try
My, its good to see you
How long has it been
I must admit I think about you
Every now and then

Like when I open my eyes
When I lay down at night
Every moment ever since
The day you said goodbye
But you'll never know
'Cause I keep it inside
How am I doing without you
Of course I'm alright

Well to tell you the truth
I guess I have felt better
God just look at you,wow
You make it look so easy
I can see it on yout face
Everything we used to be
Is gone without a trace

If you wanna know
Right now I'm sinking fast
Girl you always could see
Right behind this mask
But I won't give it away
Gonna keep it inside
How am I doing without you
Of course I'm alright

If you don't want to know the truth
Of course I'm alright...

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