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Void of Harmony - text


I was thrashing away
Swinging wildly to no avail as deception excavated lifesblood from my bones
Knocked out and buried alive
I can't help but to feel inside that somehow
I shoveled half the dirt into this hole
Sing your song to me
Void of harmony

Drive me to death then try to nurse me back to health
How can you stare back in these eyes that sink into my head?
Goddamn, you're poisoning me
So damn vain, all the world can see
The irony is you're killing me, but I'm already dead
Sing your song to me
Void of harmony

Seek your wildest dreams
Tear mine at the seams
Some call me strong, yet I feel so weak
Spring of life's gone, Autumn's turning bleak
Brutal winter is damn near killing me
Tendrils rising to start again
Born again
The phoenix rising from the flame
Left behind the ashes with new lifesblood in my bones
Haunted by nothing more
And when i bury the past for sure, I'll be standing above the ground when I fill up that hole
Sing your song to me
Void of harmony
Seek your amnesty
Far away from me

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